GoogleHaven 100 Gift 10: Turn Your Vision Into A Reality

Our GoogleHaven100 gift: a three-part package for your web concept – whether it’s a website, web app, iPhone app.

Our gift comes in three parts:

1. YOUR IDEA HERE: A session with our team to lay out your topic in detail.
2. PROTOTYPE: A graphically-rich prototype – your idea expressed in one screen.
3. URL: Your own address on the internet – we’ll pay for it for one year.

To enter, complete this form and click submit.

All entries will be considered until next Tuesday, May 18, noon. We will announce the winner 24 hours later, and provide feedback for all entries not chosen at a time that is mutually convenient.

In keeping with the spirit of GoogleHaven, we look forward to helping you take this first step to realizing your web vision.

About Derek Koch

CEO Founder of Independent Software, Editor in Chief of Whiteboard, Hub Manager of The Grid New Haven, and Startup Weekend Organizer and Facilitator. Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses create the next great software product.


  1. Time to Wake Your Inner Entrepreneur.

    Thank you, Derek and team! This is exactly what Google needs to see – web apps, entrepreneurship, creative and tech community coming together.

    I’d encourage – I challenge! – everyone to take advantage of this gift.

    Don’t have an app in mind? Just look at your daily life, from wake up time to hit the sack time (and even in the sack) – how can the web or iphone make it better?

    You don’t need tech skills, only imagination and creativity to think about problems you encounter daily.

    Go GoogleHaven!

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