The Whiteboard to Become Official Blog of the Connecticut Innovation Ecosystem

We’re very pleased to announce that The Whiteboard will be playing a new role in the State’s Innovation Ecosystem, an entrepreneur-led, public-private partnership to help grow companies in the state. This sponsorship will involve some exciting changes that we’ll be rolling out over the course of the next several weeks.

The mission of the Whiteboard is to help entrepreneurs win by building community, because community is a fundamental element of any ecosystem.  Community is built through a conversation, by telling stories, by celebrating successes – and ends in the advancement of a common, evolving, identity. This new collaboration only enhances our ability to do that.

The State’s Innovation Ecosystem places emphasis on community as well, and sees telling the stories of entrepreneurs, companies, and other ecosystem players as a crucial part of the initiative.  By covering topics important to that community, we believe we can help the amazing teams and products of the future to be born. This sponsorship will enhance Whiteboard’s ability to fulfill that mission.  Whiteboard is a creation of Independent Software, an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses build the next great web concepts.  The Innovation Ecosystem is an initiative of the Department of Economic and Community Development, created through last year’s Job Bill.

We’ll share more details on this change, and the new resources it will bring to the State’s entrepreneurs in the coming months.  Be sure to watch for updates.

About Derek Koch

CEO Founder of Independent Software, Editor in Chief of Whiteboard, Hub Manager of The Grid New Haven, and Startup Weekend Organizer and Facilitator. Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses create the next great software product.