Job Posting: A100 Program Lead, Independent Software

Independent Software’s mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed in building successful products and ventures faster and more effectively.   We collaborate closely with entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into customer-driven prototypes and early versions of their product and to help them build their emerging company.

This means we deliver traditional product design services like software product development and design, identity development/user interface design, and product planning. 

But we also deliver non-traditional services, like community building and training programs, software apprenticeship programs, and more.

We love what we do – and we’re looking for hard-working, fun, and creative people who want to do it with us.

A100 Program

Solid technical talent is crucial to software venture formation and growth.  But it can be really hard for early-stage teams to find.

To address that need, Independent Software will launch A100 (short for “Apprentice 100 Software Developers in One Year”), a system of developer training and community-building that will bridge the gap between academic programs, existing developer communities, and the needs of growing software ventures. Qualified and knowledgeable professionals will be easily accessible to participating companies.

Required Skills/Qualities

  • B.S. in Computer Science or related area,
  • Ability to code,
  • Experience working on a variety of development projects,
  • Experience with startups and early stage product development,
  • A passion for teaching people about technology, and
  • The outgoing personality of a community-builder.

Desired Skills

  • Experience developing and delivering technology curriculum,
  • Expertise with HTML, Javascript, CSS, and one web development language, preferably PHP, Python or Ruby.


If you think that you’d be a good fit for this position, send your resume to

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