Internship: MediaCrossing Technology, Software Engineer

The mission of Whiteboard is to contribute to the community of entrepreneurs and innovators in the Northeast, and to help build that community.  To make that happen, we are featuring internships from community members in order to help them find team members to become more successful.  If you’re looking for an intern – get involved!  If you’re looking for an internship, check out this great opportunity below.

MediaCrossing Technology

We think the billions spent in Ad Tech miss the point; they drive down costs without adding value.  We’re building a digital media trading startup because putting Wall Street smarts together with Madison Avenue savvy will build more than just tech for tech’s sake – it will build markets.

We are MediaCrossing.  We make markets in digital media.

We need interns to help us create this company from the ground up.  We can’t promise you job security, but we can promise you a fun ride if you are willing to work hard.

We are building a real-time strategy development and trading platform and need hardcore engineers who can code in any language and work with any technology.  Think big-data meets high-frequency trading in the ad domain.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, drop an email to Ted, Founder and CTO, at ‘ted @’ and tell him why you’re the best choice. 

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