Event: Five Web Tools You Need to Build Online Business

Next Tuesday, November 19th, ByteArray CT will host a meetup at Axis901 in Manchester. The meetup will feature Mark Lassoff, founder and President of LearntoProgram, who will lead a workshop titled “Five Web Platforms/Tools/APIs You Need to Build an Online Business.”

You can register at the ByteArray CT Meetup page.

Among the tools Mark will discuss are:

  • Shopify: an ecommerce solution behind hundreds of existing platforms
  • Mixpanel: an advanced analytics tool that can be installed quickly
  • Bootstrap: an API that makes web responsiveness easy

Pizza and drinks will be served.

What: “Five Web Platforms/Tools/APIs You Need to Build an Online Business,” with Mark Lassoff

When: Tuesday, November 19th, 6 pm

Where: Axis 901, 901 Main Street, Manchester, CT

Who: Mark Lassoff is the Founder and President of LearnToProgram, a Vernon-based technical publishing startup that produces online courses designed to teach programming concepts. Its courses are distributed through multiple channels, with a current enrollment of over 80,000 students. Recently, Mark has contributed editorials to The Whiteboard on the value of solopreneurship and the importance of working on your startup full-time. You can follow Mark on Twitter at @mlassoff.

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  1. Awesome topic, and I’ve found Mark Lassoff well worth reading, in his articles on the Whiteboard.

    I can’t make it to Manchester, tho. Any chance Mark’s presentation will be posted somewhere?

    • Ginger, thanks for the comment. Mark will be posting here on “The Five Tools” shortly after the event on the 19th. So stay tuned!

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