Introducing: The First “New Haven Startup Tour” (Friday, November 14)

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Who doesn’t love a good backstage tour?

I think it is time for a backstage tour of the New Haven startup community. For those of us working in startups, how often have we seen each others’ offices?  For those of us interested in working in a startup, how can we get a sense of what they are like in general or what one in particular is like specifically? And also, are there that many “real” startups here?  Where are they and how can I get a visceral feeling for the community?

Miles with the founders of SeeClickFix

Miles with the founders of SeeClickFix

The answer is the New Haven Startup Tour.

On Friday, November 14, 2014, startups (and a few former startups that have grown into larger companies) in the New Haven area will be hosting the public for ~1 hour sessions in their office. They will be talking about the company or something closely related and offering a peek at their offices. In either a day or half day program, participants will be able to visit one to multiple companies and get a cross section of the community.

Here are the companies we’re announcing now as participants (subject to change) and I hope to have others as we finalize the schedule.

  • AxioMx
  • Core Informatics
  • Continuity Control
  • Digital Surgeons
  • The Grove
  • Grey Wall Software, a.k.a. Veoci
  • Higher One
  • SeeClickFix
  • Tangoe

The organizing committee at this point includes entrepreneurs, Yale entrepreneurship staff and student leaders, and we definitely want many others to participate. We’re doing this for the first time and generating structure on the fly so I welcome your input. I hope you can join us and stay tuned for details on how to sign up!

-Miles Lasater

A Bit About Miles

For those in the New Haven startup world, Miles is a “grandfather” of sorts, providing many of the essential ingredients that has cultivated a mindset and the fertile ground necessary for today’s emerging entrepreneurs to take root. These essential ingredients include Higher One, once a Yale startup that now serves 13 million customers, the formation of Yale Entrepreneurial Society (YES), the birth of SeeClickFix, angel investment and more. A tireless supporter of entrepreneurship, he once received the Elm-Ivy Award for strengthening partnerships among the New Haven and Yale communities.

About Suzi Craig

Suzi Craig
Suzi Craig is Director of Community Development for Independent Software ( and is leading the 2014 Startup Roadshow effort for The Whiteboard. She brings Connecticut entrepreneurs closer to each other and available startup resources, and to the compelling reasons for starting and growing a business in the state.

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