Get It Started at Startup Weekend Central CT, October 2 {Bill Kenney}

Today’s 60-Second-Clip is from {Bill Kenney}, facilitator of the upcoming Startup Weekend Central CT (being held at Wesleyan University in Middletown). A 60-Second-Clip comes from a startup founder, event organizer, or program lead who has something a resource to offer the community. If you have something you’d like to pitch, email us at info [at]

Is there a problem you’d like to solve or a difference that you’d like to make?

You are cordially invited you to an amazing event that’s going to be at Wesleyan University from October 2nd to October 4th, 2015. It’s called Startup Weekend. There are about 1,200 Startup Weekends that happen around the world every year and there’s going to be one in October at Wesleyan in Middletown.

You don’t want to miss it!

This 54-hour event will help you connect to amazing resources and learn a ton about starting your own business. You’ll work in teams and leverage the collective power of the entrepreneur community in Connecticut.

We can’t wait to see you there. Click here and get all of the details and register today

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Derek is CEO and Founder of Independent Software. Independent Software’s mission is to “help entrepreneurs win”; the company works with early-stage ventures to build new web and mobile software products, place talent through the A100 software apprenticeship program, and access the statewide startup community through the company's online magazine, The Whiteboard. Derek and the company also partner with such organizations as UP Global, Startup America, CTNext, the Grid, and the Connecticut Technology Council, Derek works to create and advance initiatives that help entrepreneurs manage and lead successful startup ventures rooted in Connecticut. Derek holds a master's degree in Management from Northwestern University's Kellogg School. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and their two sons.

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