Created and run by Independent Software, The Whiteboard is an online magazine supporting Connecticut entrepreneurs. We tell inspiring and illuminating stories, share important information, and host live events, all toward our mission of advancing entrepreneurship in our state.

Independent Software founded the The Whiteboard in 2010. In 2013, we received a grant from CTNext to improve our platform. In April 2014, we launched our biggest community initiative to date, The Whiteboard Startup Roadshow.

We depend on our community fundamentally to do what we do. If you share our mission, we invite you to get involved.


Michael Romano, Editor of The Whiteboard, Independent Software

Suzi Craig, Director of Community Development, Independent Software

Derek Koch, Founder and CEO, Independent Software

About Independent Software

Independent Software believes that entrepreneurship is essential to building a vibrant social and economic future for us all. That’s why we work with early-stage entrepreneurs to develop the products, talent, and community they need to thrive. We transform ideas into successful ventures by delivering exceptional web and mobile applications, placing top software development talent through A100, and providing access to Connecticut’s vast startup community through The Whiteboard. If you’re serious about giving your idea the best chance of success, join us and our diverse network of entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters.