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A Conversation with Peter Propp: “It’s Not Where You Sit, It’s Who You Sit Next To”


Since 2012, the Stamford Innovation Center has seen more than 8,000 visitors. The shared work environment for early stage entrepreneurs is growing in new ways, from its coworking space to its educational program and events.  This week, as a part of the Startup Roadshow tour in Stamford, I Skyped with Peter Propp, SIC’s Chief Marketing Officer. Peter shared a bit ...

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Ask an Expert: Who Pays for Lunch?


No two startups are identical – but they are often similar. As an entrepreneur, you’ll find that carving your own path to success can leave you with a lot of questions. As part of our mission to help you succeed, we’re taking your questions, and reaching out to industry experts for the answers. Have a question of your own? Submit it here, and stay tuned for the answer. This week’s question is on a taboo topic: When startup members get together, who pays for lunch? Does an investor carry more responsibility than a budding entrepreneur? For this question, we asked a handful of experts. Find out what htey had to say here.

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Crossroads Venture Group Presents: Boardroom Series


Crossroads Venture Group is a voluntary professional organization that is committed to connecting leading Venture Investment Professionals with high-growth emerging companies. They're proud to introduce a series of events that will help local entrepreneurs learn more about the startup experience. Click here to learn more about the series, and how to RSVP for a specific event.

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