Domain Knowledge

Grab Bag: Master of Your Domain


Oh, how we long for those distant times, when the Web stretched before us like a vast terra incognita and we could lay claim to any catchy domain name we wanted!   But that time is gone. With new businesses popping up every minute, and greedy cybersquatters gobbling up every potentially valuable “.com” on Earth, finding a domain name that ...

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Review: Craving to Quit by goBlue Labs


Trying to quit smoking? In this post, we review the beta version of a new product which uses a combination of neuroscience, mediation, and technology to help you change your life. goBlue Labs' Craving To Quit app is part of "a 21 day smoking cessation program"which clinical research has shown "yielded a 36% quit rate that largely persisted 4 months later (31%)." That's a significantly better chance of breaking your habit. Learn more about the product, and how you can become a beta tester.

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