Fairfield County

reSET and Social Enterprise Supporters Celebrate B-Corp Legislation


Yesterday, was 2+ years of hardwork paying off for social enterprise supporters as Benefit Corporations is now a new law. Connecticut’s statute will be the most comprehensive in the United States, encouraging new businesses and jobs. New corporate structure enables social enterprises to solve social or environmental problems and make a profit. Next week, as a part of the Startup Roadshow coverage of ...

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Dick O’Hare and Local Yokel Media: Winning At Hyperlocal Marketing

Dick O'Hare, LocalYokel Media

Eighty percent of consumer spending occurs within 15 miles of home, and increasingly, consumers are looking to hyperlocal sites for information they care most about. In this profile, we take a look at Dick O'Hare and Stamford-based Local Yokel Media, a company that helps large brands effectively connect with hyperlocal sites, allowing them to reach more customers where they live and work.

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Connecticut: Where is the Love?

Suzi Craig

According to a Gallup poll, more than 50 percent of Connecticut residents would live elsewhere if given the chance. Yet, they're still here. If our Roadshow initiative can make a difference and improve the quality of life in Connecticut, we believe others can do the same.

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Job Posting: Onyx CCS is Looking for DevOps, Front End, and Senior Dev Engineers

As part of our mission of advancing entrepreneurship in Connecticut, The Whiteboard frequently publishes job postings from around the statewide startup community. If you’re an entrepreneur, startup, or early-stage company looking for talent of any kind, please contact us at info[at]indie-soft[dot]com. The following positions were submitted by Onyx CCS, a Brookfield-based company: Onyx CCS is looking for motivated, experienced engineers for our ElectraStack™ ...

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Cultivating Technical Talent in Connecticut


To kick off the Startup Roadshow, we spent the month of April in Stamford, and one theme that arose in discussions with companies bears further discussion: the need for quality technical talent. On the bus trip down to Stamford Tech Meetup, John Bubello, a fellow entrepreneur at The Grove, mentioned a conversation he overheard at NY Tech Day last week ...

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A Conversation with Peter Propp: “It’s Not Where You Sit, It’s Who You Sit Next To”


Since 2012, the Stamford Innovation Center has seen more than 8,000 visitors. The shared work environment for early stage entrepreneurs is growing in new ways, from its coworking space to its educational program and events.  This week, as a part of the Startup Roadshow tour in Stamford, I Skyped with Peter Propp, SIC’s Chief Marketing Officer. Peter shared a bit ...

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