Growing & Scaling

Trent Molter of Sustainable Innovations


Trent Molter is the founder and CEO of Sustainable Innovations, a Glastonbury-based startup that is developing cutting-edge clean tech products for hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen-based batteries, and carbon capture.

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The Next CTNext Entrepreneur Innovation Awards Pitch Night Is April 2nd in Hartford

CT Innovations Logo

The second Pitch Night for the CTNext Entrepreneur Innovation Awards will be on Wednesday, April 2nd, from 5:30pm to 8pm, at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford. Register for the event through the Connecticut Innovations website. Admission is free. Applications for this round of pitching are currently being reviewed. You can apply now to compete in the next round. CTNext is ...

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Blank Sheet of Paper: Dollar Dollar Bills

Derek Koch

Being an entrepreneur means building your financial runway piece-by-piece to get you to customer revenue. This post explores how entrepreneurs can build momentum for take-off using what they have.

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