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Hartford-Area LearntoProgram’s New Educational Video Channels Are Accelerating Their Success


Located outside of Hartford, in Vernon, CT, LearnToProgram Media is the brainchild of Mark Lassoff, a lifelong coder and gamer turned entrepreneur, and now international speaker on web, mobile and game development. Mark spent years in the startup world of Austin, TX and, since 2011, has been spending his time turning LearnToProgram from a local startup to a global online business with more ...

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Coworking in the Hartford Area Offers Variety and Community

Axis901 members and the mayor (far right) celebrated their first anniversary at the beginning of May.

Tired of working from your couch or kitchen table? Need a professional space for a business meeting? Want to kick around cool ideas with other smart people? These are just a few of the reasons coworking got started, and why the trend is growing all across Connecticut. Coworking helps indie businesses, freelancers and startups recapture the big perks of working in an office ...

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Dick O’Hare and Local Yokel Media: Winning At Hyperlocal Marketing

Dick O'Hare, LocalYokel Media

Eighty percent of consumer spending occurs within 15 miles of home, and increasingly, consumers are looking to hyperlocal sites for information they care most about. In this profile, we take a look at Dick O'Hare and Stamford-based Local Yokel Media, a company that helps large brands effectively connect with hyperlocal sites, allowing them to reach more customers where they live and work.

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Job Posting: Online Instructors for Programming and Web, Mobile and Game Development

LearnToProgram Logo

As part of our mission of advancing entrepreneurship in Connecticut, The Whiteboard frequently publishes job postings from around the statewide startup community. If you’re an entrepreneur, startup, or early-stage company looking for talent of any kind, please contact us at info[at]indie-soft[dot]com. The following job listing was submitted by LearnToProgram. Teach students around the world from home as a part-time instructor for LearnToProgram ...

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