Job Posting: LearnToProgram is Looking for Web and Mobile Development Instructor (Video)

As part of our mission of advancing entrepreneurship in Connecticut, The Whiteboard frequently publishes job postings from around the statewide startup community. If you’re an entrepreneur, startup, or early-stage company looking for talent of any kind, please contact us at info[at]indie-soft[dot]com. The following position was submitted by LearnToProgram, a Vernon-based company:


Job Description: Web and Mobile Development Instructor

The web and mobile instructor will create and record screencast lessons at our Vernon, CT studio. These short instructional videos will provide instruction in a single skill relating to web, mobile or game development. On-camera and voice-over work will be required.

You’ll work with our production team to create engaging tutorial videos. You’ll do most of the technical research, create the code for the demonstration, create the screencast, and then work with the production team to package the video.

Your work will be seen across platforms like YouTube, iTunes, and our very popular Roku channel. This is a part-time position. Multiple positions available.


Compensation is $20-$25 per hour.


The successful instructor will be able to communicate well in English.  Technical competence in several of the following areas is necessary:




iOS Development

Android Development

HTML5 Mobile Development


Game Programming and Development

Adobe Suite


Instructor should be able to write clear example code that is easy for new developers to understand.

Hiring Process

Send us your resume, a biography, and a optionally your photo (this is an on-camera position).  If you have previous similar work, please send that as well.

The most qualified candidates will be selected for a screen test and voice-over test in our studios.

Sign your NDA and publishing contract and start work!

About LearnToProgram

LearnToProgram is a leading publisher of web, mobile and game development courses that are used by individuals and companies worldwide. Based outside of Hartford, Connecticut, the LearnToProgram team is dedicated to teaching more people to program than any other company on the face of the Earth. Our authors are among the most experienced in the field–and they have one important thing in common: LearnToProgram authors consider themselves teachers first and technical experts second. The primary skill of a LearnToProgram author is communication. You will always find our courses easy to understand and easy to complete.


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