Entrepreneur Profile: John Farrell, Movid

Independent’s Entrepreneur Profiles celebrate people out there changing the world every day through their ventures.  We ask each entrepreneur a few questions to give us a little insight into their vision of the future, and their take on building a company.

This month, we feature John Farrell.  His venture, Movid is improving the effectiveness of physical therapy by offering video exercises in place of print-outs.

We asked John for what he’s looking for from his community?

“I would love any warm introductions to rehabilitative care professionals or anybody with a small business who manages lots of events.  Could use any and all feedback on the products I’m creating.  No sales calls, just looking to have a friendly conversation.”

If this sounds like you, or a friend, get in touch with John at john.e.farrell@gmail.com.  You can follow him on Twitter at @jfarrellism and stay tuned here for updates about John and his work when they become available.  John’s co-founders Mike Carucci and Drew Dawson can be reached at michaelcarucci57@gmail.com and drewdawson.coach@gmail.com, respectively. 

Questions for John

Q: What Does Your Company Do?

John Farrell, Movid

A:  Movid provides an easy way to create video rehabilitative exercise plans for your patients.  Throw away your old photocopies or expensive paper pads.  Send your patients easy to follow and use video exercise plans instead.

Q: When Did You Start Your Company?  Why?


Movid was born at Startup Weekend Hartford: Health and Wellness on 09/21. The idea for Movid came from a physical therapy experience I had years ago.  At the end of therapy I got some downright shoddy photocopied exercise instructions for me to do at home. I couldn’t see the exercises I was supposed to do because the drawings were so bad, and even if I could understand the instructions, I lost the pieces of paper anyway.  I decided to pitch my idea for video exercise plans at the start of the weekend and found that the idea was well received.
Luckily the idea resonated with some really talented people with great knowledge of the industry.  Drew Dawson, a sports coach, and Michael Carucci, a Chiropractor have been instrumental in Movid’s success.  We worked hard all weekend and won 1st place and the People’s Choice prize.  It feels great for us to be #1 in the eyes of our mentors, the panel of judges, and our peers.
Q: What are Your Funding Sources?

A: 100% bootstrapped with my own savings.  Since I’m a developer who isn’t too horrible at design work I can build most everything I need.  My real bottleneck is time as my savings accounts will eventually run out.  I managed to save up some money and create a large runway by making a few simple lifestyle choices.  Saving money isn’t about cutting out the small expenses like Starbucks or eating out. It’s the mandatory expenses that will really get you.  If you make a little sacrifice on where you live, what you eat and where you drive you can save much more.  I choose to live on the edge of downtown Hartford instead of right the center.  Having a to walk a little farther to get in on the action is worth saving $300-$600 a month in rent.  Learn to cook your own food and buy a used economy class car instead of the latest and greatest models.  You’ll save more money and extend your runway.

Q: What have the top Challenges Been in Your Startup Process?

A: Managing time is always a challenge, especially now that Movid is in the picture.  I have a different start-up that I launched earlier in the year.  With two startups, my plate is 200% full so I’m always trying to figure out what has the most bang for my buck and get that done first.

My second challenge is getting out of the building and talking to customers.  It’s not that I find talking challenging its just getting out the door in the first place.  Being the primary programmer means there is always a piece of software to write but being a founder means that there is always sales or customer development to do as well.  Its a good thing, my co-founders, Mike and Drew are there to help with this.

Q: Define Entrepreneur

A: Entrepreneurship come in different shapes and sizes.  Some want money, some, like me love solving problems with technology.  I’m not sure how to define entrepreneurship successively enough to cover all the different flavors you can find.  However for speaking for myself, I’m in this game to solve problems.  With both my startups I experienced a pain point and saw technology could fix that pain.

Q: Read any Good Books Lately?

A: I’ve been reading a lot of Fiction to give my brain a rest from problem solving lately.  “Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin was pretty good.    Winter is coming…

Q: What is Your Advice for an Entrepreneur Starting Out?

A: Save your money, live cheap and quit your job once you have enough float.  So much better to focus on your startup than put in an ‘after-hours’ effort.  Even if it’s just for two or three months.  The full-time focus is worth it.  People get shackled to their 9-5′s because they want to maintain a certain lifestyle.  When you live simply and cheaply you’ll find a lot more opportunities open up.

Finding the right team members to co-found and flow with has also been a huge element to Movid’s success. Without Mike and Drew, Movid definitely wouldn’t be as strong of a startup.  Movid is definitely a team effort and the three of us work well and compliment one another.

Q: What is Your Favorite Entrepreneurship Quote?

A: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”  -Thomas Edison

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