Dick O’Hare and Local Yokel Media: Winning At Hyperlocal Marketing

Dick O'Hare, LocalYokel Media

Eighty percent of consumer spending occurs within 15 miles of home, and increasingly, consumers are looking to hyperlocal sites for information they care most about. In this profile, we take a look at Dick O'Hare and Stamford-based Local Yokel Media, a company that helps large brands effectively connect with hyperlocal sites, allowing them to reach more customers where they live and work.

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Ted Yang and MediaCrossing

Media Crossing

MediaCrossing is a young, fast-growing company that is attempting to bring a cutting-edge, financial approach to trading digital advertising properties.

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Trent Molter of Sustainable Innovations


Trent Molter is the founder and CEO of Sustainable Innovations, a Glastonbury-based startup that is developing cutting-edge clean tech products for hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen-based batteries, and carbon capture.

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Brian Banet of Square 9 Softworks

Brian Funny

In advance of headlining LaunchHaven this evening, Brian spoke to The Whiteboard about the mission and origin his company, the secrets to its success, and his advice to fellow entrepreneurs.

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